• Tree-Microbe Interactions Department - Ecogenomics team, INRAE, Champenoux, France
  • Evolutionary genomics, Functional genomics, Fungi, Plants
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BSc in Biology at Bordeaux University (1995). MSc in Cell Biology and Physiology (1998) and PhD in Plant and Forest Sciences (2001) at Nancy University.

Hired research scientist in 2001 at INRA. 1 year post-doc sabbatical in phytopathology at Exeter University (2003-2004). HDR diploma from Lorraine University (2012). INRA Research Director DR2 (2013). Head of the Ecogenomic of interactions team (2013-2019), Deputy head of the Tree-Microbe Interactions department in 2018. Currently Head of the INRAE-Lorraine University Tree-Microbe Interactions department (~100persons, Nancy, France).

My research project at INRAE aims at elucidating how trees respond to pathogens and how biotroph pathogens are able to develop and feed on trees using genomics and functional approaches. I am involved in several international comparative fungal genomics projects focused on rust fungi (Pucciniales order).

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