• Genomics of ancient crops and domestication, Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics, Barcelona, Spain
  • Bioinformatics, Evolutionary genomics, Population genomics
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I finished my PhD in 2012 in the Evolutionary Biology Institute (IBE) in Barcelona under the supervision of David Comas, where I studied the population structure and admixture of human North African populations using mitochondrial and SNP array data. After that I did a three year Postdoc at Stony Brook University (NY) with Brenna Henn, in the Department of Ecology and Evolution, where I worked on the analysis of next generation sequencing data to investigate mutational load and the accumulation of deleterious mutations in human populations, delving into 1970s classic theories of population genetics and statistics. I also worked on the analysis of two Neolithic dog genomes from Germany, following my interest on this emerging field and the potential it harbors in our understanding of the past. Finally, I was invited to join efforts with the H3Africa Consortium to study novel and rare variation in an outstanding genomic dataset of African populations. After working for a year in the Bioinformatic team of the Plant and Fungal Tree of Life Project at Kew Royal Botanic Gardens (London), on January 2018 I joined the Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics as a group leader to study plant domestication by analysing ancient and modern genomes. You can check our first work in this topic in Scott, Botigué et al. Nature Plants.

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